Thursday, September 15, 2011


If I had to sum up all of my frustrations about parking into one word it would be this: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just spent AN HOUR looking for a parking spot. And that's not the first time that has happened. I gave death glares, I accosted innocent bystanders by asking to have their parking spots, I almost even tried to talk this one kid into going home early so I could have his spot. I had no shame. Liberty is growing exponentially just like they have always planned. So why haven't they increased parking or widened roads in preparation for something that they always knew would happen? I don't have many problems with the university, I really don't. I love it here and could never see myself going anywhere else after having been here for 3 years. But, this is one problem that has just gotten worse. This is my first year living off campus and having to deal with the parking issue from that point of view but even when I lived on-campus I struggled with it. Freshmen are not allowed to park in front of their dorms except on the weekends if you live on East (where I lived for two years). But finding a parking spot in the designated area wasn't a problem since I had to park there anyway. Sophomore year it was a bit more of an issue because I didn't want to park in the freshman parking lot and it was really far away from my dorm. But still, I could always get a spot no matter what. Not so this year. I have seriously considered several ways of trying to get myself a handicapped sticker just so I can have a parking spot whenever I need one. Goodbye

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sophomore Year!!!

So hello to any new readers that may be freshmen or transfers (or anyone else) to Liberty! :) I hope this blog is helpful for you. If you have any questions you can email me at or write a comment on this post. I will address the question in the next blog post.

Have a great semester at LU and have fun!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Society

As many of my faithful readers and friends have probably known for sometime, I love to plan things. Weddings, parties, prom, get-togethers; all are wonderful, all are things I love.

In one of the dream plans for the way I want my future to head (I have a few dream plans; I like to have options!), I am a full-time event/wedding planner when I am married. :)

Well to my surprise, as of earlier this week LU now has a Wedding Planning Society!

I went to my first meeting tonight and let me tell you, I am soooo freaking excited! That doesn't happen often. I slightly want to cringe from all the girlyness and fairy tales and whatever but at the same time the other actual girly side of me is leaping for joy and doing backflips of excitement. Yupp. I just said that.

Let me go over the highlights of this awesome moment:

1. I will be a charter member

2. I will eventually be certified to be an official wedding planner

3. This will look AWESOME on my resume

4. I can meet some new people
(although they are girls and I actually need to meet boys)

5. I will learn everything I need to know to plan weddings

6. I get to dress up. This alone is reason enough lol

7. I get to meet our study body president extrodinair, Matt Mihelic, of which I have been dying to meet.

8. God is showing me in yet another awesome way that He really wants me at LU.

So maybe you read my other blog semi-often and you saw that a few weeks ago I was considering switching from LU to a college back in Texas.

God has really been working on my heart lately and showing me that maybe moving back wasn't my best option. The nursing program at Liberty would actually be better and I have friends coming and I am making better friends, etc....

So when I went to the meeting tonight and heard all about this wonderful society (which is one of my favorite words), I was just so greatful that God has put this opportunity in my path. Not very many colleges have this type of program, or are excited about people joining it. But our Student Government Association really got into approving our club and getting the word our about it.
(Thank you Matt Mihelic!) :)

So this is basically just icing on the cake for following what God has for my life.


I just wanted to share what I am excited about

Oh and I think I aced my Pathology exam too :) Yet another reason to be happy!

Happy Reading!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bus Numbers

Before you ever step foot onto a bus on Liberty campus...


If you are AT ALL unsure about which one you are getting onto or where it goes, do not be afraid to ask the bus driver. They are there to answer your questions, just don't be a jerk to them.

Tonight, my friend, Jess, and I decided that we wanted to go to the mall.
NBD, we can take the 4F.

We get to the mall, spend some time there, then decide that we are ready to go back to the dorms.

We exit the mall and are super excited to see a bus waiting. We slightly notice that there is 4 in the title of the bus and hurriedly get on.
(side note: if you are going off-campus and back-onto campus in a bus, bring your ID. They have to see it so they don't charge you.)

I am just sitting on the bus, not really paying attention, until Jess says something about our bus being a 4E not a 4F. We kind of dismiss the idea that it's a big deal and just sit there.
Then we start to not recognize anything...

We start to slightly freak out. We're then told that the 4E is NOT the same as the 4F and that we are basically heading into the ghetto of Lynchburg (complete with creepy bus people).

The bus driver is semi-helpful and finds out that the bus in front of us is going back to campus so we are supposed to get off at a certain stop and transfer to that bus.
It has been around 30 minutes by now.

We make the transfer but do not leave the "station" for another good 20 minutes...
We meet more creepy bus people.

By the time we get back to main campus we have been on a scenic tour of ghetto Lynchburg for the past hour and a half.

Moral of the story: KNOW YOUR BUS SYSTEM!

It can save or break your night and not waste your time.

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Delays

If you have some inkling of an idea that school might be canceled the next day or possibly delayed, make sure that you check the LU splash page before getting ready and leaving for class.
It will save you LOTS of time.

And if you should find this information out early enough, please text your friends/roommates this helpful information.

They in turn will appreciate you more and may possibly want to help you out in the future.

Just warning you.

Happy Reading!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010


As much as I do love Liberty and the special place that it is....
I am thinking about transferring.

NOT because I don't love the school, what it stands for, and some of the people,

but because the Nursing program might not accept me. :(

Now, if they accept me... awesome. cool.
I will be staying here and moving in with Patty next semester and some of the only other friends I have made here.

If they don't accept me (which I think is more possible) then I will be transferring to TWU and moving in with some of my best friends next semester.

It's a win-win situation either way, which I love.
But there are certain things I would miss if either one gets chosen over the other.

If I stay, then i will still miss my friends, my sister, and my parents.
I will be spending A LOT of money
I have to deal with snow. :P
I will be commuting and paying for gas and groceries, etc....
Flying out of Lynchburg is not super enjoyable


I will be getting a great education,
I will probably still make more friends,
Some of my younger high school friends are going to go here next year most likely, so I will still have some people from home.
The girls (and few guys) in my nursing classes will become my best friends (so i am told)
And I will get to live with a few of my good friends here.

If I leave, then I will be leaving the few good friends i have made here
My parents might become a bit more controlling when I get home
It is nice being close to a bunch of other states, with lots of different things
Its nice knowing that there are people from everywhere here
There are some realllyyy cute boys here. Not so much at a women's college...
More jewish people live in the east than the south. :P
I will get to see my sister more often and watch her grow up
I will get to be near people who love me and know me
I can live with some of my best friends and I know we would make good roommates
I can go to The Village :D
I will have more friends with my major to be study buddies
I will be saving A TON of money. It's ridiculous.
Now all the pros and cons of both have a bunch more points under each,
I just don't feel like explaining everything.
Even if I do end up transferring back to Texas (something I NEVER thought I would do), it was a good decision to go away for my first year. I don't regret it at all. I like living on my own, just the way I thought I would. My parents realized how much they need me, my sister misses me, my friends (I think) appreciate me more, and it's just a generally good thing.
But going home would save sooo much money.
I just hope that my parents would let me live somewhere else, because I don't think after living on my own for a year, that I could go back to living with them. Sorry guys :(

I will update you guys on the progress of all of this.
If I do decide to transfer, I might make a new blog :)
We will just have to see.
Well have a good night!

Happy Reading!