Thursday, August 20, 2009



my computer doesn't have the right software to connect to the liberty web so it has to go to a special place for......

There are plenty of computers in Liberty that are free for me to access (thank God)\

yet another perk of attending here.....

OK, so my roommate is AWESOME! (shout out to Kristen!)

we got the BEST dorm room (it's the biggest)
and we planned ahead so our bedspreads kinda match (zebra print/pink)
and our suit mates are pretty cool too :)


I went to freshman seminar today and felt slightly overwhelmed...
but I had a ten minute break and then felt better :)

Then Kristen and I went to the "Keeping it Safe" seminar. It was pretty cool :)
It was kinda like that scene in "Miss Congeniality" where all the girls drink all the water from her crystal glasses (her "talent") so she does a self-defense lesson for the audience.
SING!!! :D

Now we are printing our syllabus and we were going to register our cars but forgot our license plates numbers so we are gonna put that off until tomorrow.

Happy Reading!


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