Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Week Almost Over!

The first week of classes is (almost) officially over! :D
This was a really good week (despite the constant loom of Biology)
I love college so far, and really don't expect to become homesick.
My main goal, at the moment, is to STUDY STUDY STUDY
Yesterday my Bio professor said something that really made sense...
"You are a full time student. Your parents, who work full time, work 40 hours a week. You should be working at your schoolwork at least that much."
As much as I don't want to admit it..... he's right.
I don't have a real job.
I am a student.
If I don't do well now, then I have no idea what will happen.
Pretty much my entire future, at this point, depends on my acceptance into the Nursing Program here at Liberty.
So if you all could pray for me to:
A.) retain everything I study
B.) not go completly insane
C.) be able to make more friends
D.) for my professors to like me.
please comment and tell people about the blog.
Happy Reading!

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