Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leaving for Liberty Tomorrow!!!

I think my song for the moment is......
"Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve.
Go listen to it.
You'll understand.

Today: I said some final goodbyes, went to lunch with Erin and Tara, hung out with my sister, went to Mardel to pick up my new ESV Bible (yey!), saw a movie, and had sushi with my family.

After dinner, I started packing up my car (with the help of my parents and sister.)

They were rather doubtful that ALL my stuff would actually fit in my tiny, red, Grand AM '99, two door car.
But, thank God, it did! :D
I will post a pic tomorrow of what it looked like.
I am pretty sure dad and I will feel somewhat like sardines for the next 2 1/2 days....
but it'll be OK.

I have: my iPod, tons of books, notebook paper, my cell phone, and my dad's endless conversation to keep me far away from the edge of boredom.

I should be OK.

But I have a feeling Dad is not looking so forward to this cross country trip....
oh well :)

I might or might not post something along the way. It kinda depends on how late we get to the hotel and whatnot.
Or if anything interesting actually happens.
We will see.

Mmk, well I guess that is about it.
Supposedly, my friend Zach is going to come over at 8:30 AM tomorrow to say bye and see me off.
We'll see if he actually shows up.
Julia might come for a minute too.

I will keep you guys fully updated. :)

Happy Reading!


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