Friday, August 21, 2009


Yey today is Friday! :D

This was a really fun week, kinda hectic, but enjoyable overall.
I have made some new friends
Gotten my computer back sooner than I thought (thank God!)
Gotten along with my roommate really well (i think so)
Tried out the gym
Gotten through Freshman Orientation
Only got slightly lost (Kristen usually knows where we are going)
Seen my cousin more than I ever have the 18 years I've been alive
Died laughing
Gone to Wal*Mart like 3 times (one of the only things to do lol)
Gone to the Chancellor's Cookout (pretty fun even with the threat of lightening)
And BUNCHES of other stuff....

Now at the request of some of my friends, I WAS going to put my schedule on here so they know what's going on while I am gone.


I had to go to a "Keeping it Safe" Seminar and they said not to do that.....

I will provide you with a semi-vague version of my day:
(things are not in the correct order)

I have Biology, Speech, and Chemistry. I also have convocation
Chemistry, General Education (essentially my Bible class), and Psychology
the same as monday and convo
instead of Chemistry, I have Nursing
same as wednesday/monday and convo
same as saturday

I don't know what days I am going to work out yet, I'll just see how that goes.
The gym is really nice and they are about to start up a lot of classes :)
They have jousting!!! lol
Well, I am going to go take a shower since I just got back from working out. Someday I will put new batteries in my camera and take some pictures to show you guys :)

Please comment and tell people to follow me!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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