Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Weekends

I feel like my Bio test went really well (still hoping this isn't just positive thinking)....


So today I tried to sleep in.
Didn't work so well.....
but I feel asleep early last night so I guess that counts as "sleeping in".

I caught up (am catching up) on laundry.
Went to open lab to learn about bones! lol.
That actually went better than I thought it would.
In two weeks I need to know all 206 bones and all the parts of them. :/
pray for that.

My roommate has been in the hospital for the past week. :(
She has an enflamed colon.
Casey (my suitemate) and I tried to go see her last night but we got horribly lost. I had a GPS and everything! Randomly, my GPS decides to get a sense of humor and fail on me in the most inconveinient of times.
Curse you Garmin....

I have pretty much been by myself all weekend which is pretty nice for a change.

Well, I just thought I would catch everyone up. (not that people actually follow this, but oh well)

Happy Reading!


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