Saturday, September 12, 2009

Football and the LUnatics

I went to (part of) the football game against North Carolina Central.
I stayed until they made the first point then left with a girl from my dorm.
Today was pretty chill. Woke up "late". Studied for a quiz. Facebooked.
Got ready for tailgating tonight. Casey and I went to the brother dorm first.
I got hit on by a nerd. I shut him down.
Then we went to the bookstore where Kenneth was.
The meeting was not as exciting as i thought it was going to be :(
But tomorrow could go better. hopefully.
My roommate and I are watching the teaser for the new season of grey's anatomy! it looks sooooo good. but I am mad because it is on as the same time as the office! but the office will be online. :) grey's anatomy prevails! :D
i am so excited!
Well, Kristen and I are planning her wedding so ttfn!

Happy Reading!


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