Friday, September 11, 2009

Friendly Fridays!

Supposedly today was a friendly friday. I had no idea.

Tomorrow there is going to be a home football game. My cousin is really into this organization here called the LUnatics. They are basically a fanatical pep squad.
And they have cool tee shirts.
They are having a tailgating party tomorrow afternoon before the game in the Barnes and Noble parking lots across from the field.

My cousin texted and told me about it after I had just told him that he needed to meet my suite mate Casey.
He is a creeper and figures out where I sit in convocation because he also has great vision.
I figure out a round-about area of where he is sitting.
He then tells me to bring "the girl in the green shirt" sitting by me.
Which just so happens to be Casey. :)
I tell him so and he says he thinks she is cute.
So I tell her and now there is a mini-date set up for tomorrow :)

I view this as a business deal/pastime....
Wedding Planning and Matchmaking.
I love college.

Happy Reading!


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