Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spiritual Emphasis Week!

Every semester here at Liberty, they have what is called "Spiritual Emphasis Week"
(it's actually only three days but you get the point)

For the past 6 (?) years, they have had this one man come named Clayton King.
He is hilarious!
No lie, one of the best speakers I have ever heard.
He is relateable, funny, sincere, and a whole slew of other words. :D

Monday night was about salvation. About 200 people got saved! Now, call me crazy, but I assumed that if you went to a Christian college, (especially Liberty), then you were probably saved. (but you know what assuming does lol)
Well, I was proved totally wrong.

Tuesday night (last night), was about depression and feeling discouraged. I used to be really depressed so it was highly relateable to me and I know a bunch of other people.

Tonight (Wednesday) is about Sex and Relationships and Marriage. I think a ton of people are going to come out tonight! :D

Just keep praying for everyone here. There were two murders last week of some Virginia Tech students. Many people here (including one of my quadmates) were very good friends of the victims and their families. They would appreciate your continued support I am sure.

Well, I guess I will post later this week!

Happy Reading!


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