Thursday, September 17, 2009

Test Tomorrow!!!

Sorry that I haven't been a good blogger as of late.
*hangs head in shame*
But the weekend is near and I will make a nice long update of all the happenings :)

Alas, tomorrow I have my first Biology tests *cue scary music* and a COMMS test which I am not tooooo worried about. (but a fair amount of worry did go into it)

If anyone is planning to come visit me, as much as I would love a surprise.....
I don't.
A.) I don't do well with surprises that mess up my schedule. sorry
B.) I am not actually allowed to house unannounced visitors or else I will pay a $20 fine.
C.) I like planning things :)

So just let me know if you are going to be in the neighborhood....
just don't travel don't Grey Street! (or so I've be warned....)


Happy Reading!


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