Friday, September 4, 2009

The Weekend!

A little tip for college.....

take naps when you can, but NOT long ones!

I took a three hour nap today and now I can't fall asleep.

My poor roommate.... :( lol

This is Labor Day weekend, but unfortunaly, Liberty still has class on Monday.
Such a shame...
lol it' ok.

So, I have made a few more new friends so that's always a plus.
I finally ate at the Diner! (pretty good)
I have done several loads of laundry :)
Washed dishes (all the time)
Been to WalMart a bunch

Tommorrow, Kristen and I are planning to attend the Volleyball game, go get pizza (!), and then I am going to study.

That's essentially it for right now.
Happy Reading!


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