Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall is Here! :D

We all know how Texas seasons go....

Winter: Kinda cold, you might wear a sweater or two.
Keep and umbrella handy.

Spring: Actually kinda pretty, the leaves turn green pretty early.
Lots of rain

Summer: Ridiculously hot.
You live in shorts and a tank top.
You might have heat exhaustion
This is the longest season too.

Fall: Stays warm until winter.
Leaves turn brown and fall off the trees.


in VIRGINIA, they actually have..... SEASONS! :D


Obviously, we are in fall right now. It is absolutly gorgeous! All the leave are either green or some red, orange,yellow, or purple color. I have been taking pictures like crazy! People probably think I am crazy, but it's just so pretty! I am not an outdoorsy type of person, but lately I have just been outside enjoying the weather and all the pretty leaves.
I'm thinking a photo shoot later this week.... :)

Supposedly the winters here are not so bad.
But that's from native Virginians telling me this....
so we will see how this goes.

Happy Reading!


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