Monday, November 16, 2009


So here at Liberty, the police system is called LUPD.
I think some of them are real cops, but not all of them.
But they will make you think they are nevertheless.

My friends and I were going to go watch the Meteor Shower tonight. We look alllll over campus to find a spot that isn't too brightly lit. I felt slightly shady about the whole operation because at the beginning of this whole thing there were two girls and two boys. Now, what do people usually think about this sort of thing....
we were completely innocent though (just to set the story straight.)

We venture over to the fields over by the quads.
Not dark enough to see the stars.
Back into the truck we go and head up to the East fields.
There are hardly any lights.
So down goes my little blanket and we settle in for a night filled with star-gazing and story telling.

Boys do not share the same amusement for stars as girls do, I suppose.
After about twenty minutes of nothing, one boy decides to walk back to his dorm to feed his virtual fish that are about to "hatch".

The remaining three of us decide to stick it out and see the wonder of the meteors that we have been waiting SO long to see.

About ten minutes later LUPD cars show up.
We are in a No Tresspassing Zone.
This doesn't look good.

We decide to sit very still, not talk, not check our phones, and just brave out the cold so we don't get into trouble. This is still slightly fishy because even though we are not evenly matched in gender anymore, there is still one boy and girl dating. I am the third wheel. :P (jk)

We sit there for, I am guesstimating, about FOURTY MINUTES waiting for the cop cars to go. Stephanie and I keep whispering and laughing and Mason is getting very antsy about the whole thing and keeps telling us to be quiet and that Stephanie can't tell me a story because we laugh too loudly.

We have run out of options.
(except for mine, which was rolling towards the side and sneaking out of there)
So I decided to just start praying and thanking God for the day and then I asked that the cop cars would go away and we wouldn't get into trouble.

One car went away right then!

We silently cheered and and then prayed that the other two cars would leave.
Ten minutes later they both pulled away! :D

We BOOKED it for the car.

And so goes my brush with the LU law.

Happy Reading!


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