Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bus Numbers

Before you ever step foot onto a bus on Liberty campus...


If you are AT ALL unsure about which one you are getting onto or where it goes, do not be afraid to ask the bus driver. They are there to answer your questions, just don't be a jerk to them.

Tonight, my friend, Jess, and I decided that we wanted to go to the mall.
NBD, we can take the 4F.

We get to the mall, spend some time there, then decide that we are ready to go back to the dorms.

We exit the mall and are super excited to see a bus waiting. We slightly notice that there is 4 in the title of the bus and hurriedly get on.
(side note: if you are going off-campus and back-onto campus in a bus, bring your ID. They have to see it so they don't charge you.)

I am just sitting on the bus, not really paying attention, until Jess says something about our bus being a 4E not a 4F. We kind of dismiss the idea that it's a big deal and just sit there.
Then we start to not recognize anything...

We start to slightly freak out. We're then told that the 4E is NOT the same as the 4F and that we are basically heading into the ghetto of Lynchburg (complete with creepy bus people).

The bus driver is semi-helpful and finds out that the bus in front of us is going back to campus so we are supposed to get off at a certain stop and transfer to that bus.
It has been around 30 minutes by now.

We make the transfer but do not leave the "station" for another good 20 minutes...
We meet more creepy bus people.

By the time we get back to main campus we have been on a scenic tour of ghetto Lynchburg for the past hour and a half.

Moral of the story: KNOW YOUR BUS SYSTEM!

It can save or break your night and not waste your time.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Lol! As one of the creepy people that usually take that bus, I am slightly offended.And, the #2 takes you to the ghetto/saigon of Lynchburg, not the 4E.