Sunday, February 7, 2010


As much as I do love Liberty and the special place that it is....
I am thinking about transferring.

NOT because I don't love the school, what it stands for, and some of the people,

but because the Nursing program might not accept me. :(

Now, if they accept me... awesome. cool.
I will be staying here and moving in with Patty next semester and some of the only other friends I have made here.

If they don't accept me (which I think is more possible) then I will be transferring to TWU and moving in with some of my best friends next semester.

It's a win-win situation either way, which I love.
But there are certain things I would miss if either one gets chosen over the other.

If I stay, then i will still miss my friends, my sister, and my parents.
I will be spending A LOT of money
I have to deal with snow. :P
I will be commuting and paying for gas and groceries, etc....
Flying out of Lynchburg is not super enjoyable


I will be getting a great education,
I will probably still make more friends,
Some of my younger high school friends are going to go here next year most likely, so I will still have some people from home.
The girls (and few guys) in my nursing classes will become my best friends (so i am told)
And I will get to live with a few of my good friends here.

If I leave, then I will be leaving the few good friends i have made here
My parents might become a bit more controlling when I get home
It is nice being close to a bunch of other states, with lots of different things
Its nice knowing that there are people from everywhere here
There are some realllyyy cute boys here. Not so much at a women's college...
More jewish people live in the east than the south. :P
I will get to see my sister more often and watch her grow up
I will get to be near people who love me and know me
I can live with some of my best friends and I know we would make good roommates
I can go to The Village :D
I will have more friends with my major to be study buddies
I will be saving A TON of money. It's ridiculous.
Now all the pros and cons of both have a bunch more points under each,
I just don't feel like explaining everything.
Even if I do end up transferring back to Texas (something I NEVER thought I would do), it was a good decision to go away for my first year. I don't regret it at all. I like living on my own, just the way I thought I would. My parents realized how much they need me, my sister misses me, my friends (I think) appreciate me more, and it's just a generally good thing.
But going home would save sooo much money.
I just hope that my parents would let me live somewhere else, because I don't think after living on my own for a year, that I could go back to living with them. Sorry guys :(

I will update you guys on the progress of all of this.
If I do decide to transfer, I might make a new blog :)
We will just have to see.
Well have a good night!

Happy Reading!


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