Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Society

As many of my faithful readers and friends have probably known for sometime, I love to plan things. Weddings, parties, prom, get-togethers; all are wonderful, all are things I love.

In one of the dream plans for the way I want my future to head (I have a few dream plans; I like to have options!), I am a full-time event/wedding planner when I am married. :)

Well to my surprise, as of earlier this week LU now has a Wedding Planning Society!

I went to my first meeting tonight and let me tell you, I am soooo freaking excited! That doesn't happen often. I slightly want to cringe from all the girlyness and fairy tales and whatever but at the same time the other actual girly side of me is leaping for joy and doing backflips of excitement. Yupp. I just said that.

Let me go over the highlights of this awesome moment:

1. I will be a charter member

2. I will eventually be certified to be an official wedding planner

3. This will look AWESOME on my resume

4. I can meet some new people
(although they are girls and I actually need to meet boys)

5. I will learn everything I need to know to plan weddings

6. I get to dress up. This alone is reason enough lol

7. I get to meet our study body president extrodinair, Matt Mihelic, of which I have been dying to meet.

8. God is showing me in yet another awesome way that He really wants me at LU.

So maybe you read my other blog semi-often and you saw that a few weeks ago I was considering switching from LU to a college back in Texas.

God has really been working on my heart lately and showing me that maybe moving back wasn't my best option. The nursing program at Liberty would actually be better and I have friends coming and I am making better friends, etc....

So when I went to the meeting tonight and heard all about this wonderful society (which is one of my favorite words), I was just so greatful that God has put this opportunity in my path. Not very many colleges have this type of program, or are excited about people joining it. But our Student Government Association really got into approving our club and getting the word our about it.
(Thank you Matt Mihelic!) :)

So this is basically just icing on the cake for following what God has for my life.


I just wanted to share what I am excited about

Oh and I think I aced my Pathology exam too :) Yet another reason to be happy!

Happy Reading!



  1. So cool how your pursuing something you love! Good luck!!

  2. Dear Savannah,
    This is Kelley Rucker! I randomly came across this blog and it absolutely warmed my heart! This society has been a dream of mine for a while now and to see how excited you ladies are makes it so worth it! You have no idea how much this blog means to me! I have loved getting to know you this year!!! You are an amazing young lady and it’s such an honor to call you a friend! Thank you for returning as a member this year! I hope you are still enjoying yourself and growing as a wedding planner! I’m so proud of you! Anyways, just want to write you and say that this made my day and put a smile on my heart! Thanks for writing girlie! : )